CTE Program Promotion
We've been very busy creating CTE Program Promotion videos (35 to be exact!) and Career Exploration videos (60 of them!) for school districts across the country. Watch the videos below and email us to get started with your district's custom promotional videos today!
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Why create custom Pathway Showcase videos for your district?

"So many times people really do not understand what a program in high school actually entails. There are myths that need dispelled. We need to have people who see other people looking and talking like them doing the program. A window into this world is essential in ensuring access for everyone to that program."
CyLynn Braswell - Executive Director of College and Career Readiness and Innovation at Northwest ISD

"We're doing so much to get information about our pathways and academies out there but it never seems to be enough. We wanted to get the videos created because it's something students can actually see and relate to. Hopefully they'll watch these videos in class and go home and show their parents the programs they are excited about. The videos will also be great to push out on social media, since video content is interacted with more than anything else on social media."
Jennifer Becan - Program Access and Marketing Specialist at Northwest ISD

Why work with Shine 49 Video Marketing for your CTE Promotional Videos?

"Shine 49 was extremely professional and easy to work with. Organized and timely were definitely key features of working with Shine 49 but the quality of the videos are just phenomenal! We are excited to be launching our videos this year and cannot wait to see the community feedback."
CyLynn Braswell - Executive Director of College and Career Readiness and Innovation at Northwest ISD

"Everything about working with Shine 49 has been seamless. From the scheduling to filming - all the work has been very professional. We have had lots of positive feedback from our students and stakeholders concerning the videos. Our students are able to enter high school better informed and more confident about their endorsement decision."
Monica Paul - CTE Counselor Specialist at Wylie ISD